Rules - Lolek Hostel Lublin

Lolek Hostel Rules

Every Guest of the hostel is obliged to familiarize themselves with the hostel rules.

By using the services of the hostel you accept the hostel rules in question.

The hostel staff will make every effort to provide guests with top quality services. However, we should like to draw Guests’ attention to the fact that you use hostel services which differ from the level of standards provided in hotels. Should you have any objections concerning the quality of services provided, you are kindly requested to report them to the reception immediately, which will allow us to react promptly.

  1. The rooms are rented upon presenting an Identity Card with a photograph.
  2. The rooms are not rented to persons under the influence of alcohol.
  3. The payment for renting a room/ a bed is made during check-in procedure.



  1. The hostel day starts at 14.00 (check-in time) and finishes at 11.00 the next day (check-out time). Rooms should be vacated by 11.00 and tke keys should be returned to the hostel reception. Not checking out by 11.00 may result in extra payment for one more day which has started.
  2. It is possible to leave your luggage in the hostel reception after the hostel day has started or earlier before it starts.  You need to reclaim your luggage on the same day.



  1. ‘Night silence’ (‘quiet hours’) is from 22.00 until 8.00 During this time all persons staying in the hotel must behave in such a way not to disturb other Guests’s calm as well as the inhabitants od adjacent flats. During ‘night silence’ it is forbidden to stay in hostel sitting room which adjoins other rooms. If Guests want to spend time together at night hours they should use the hostel kitchen then.


The hostel is entitled to refuse a stay to any person who breaks the rule even during a hotel stay paid by a guest in such a case the amount of money paid is not refunded.

  1. It is not possible to receive guests in hostel rooms without a prior arrangement with a receptionist. If a receptionist agrees to a visit of persons who have not checked into the hostel, the persons (visitors) should leave the hostel by 22.00.
  2. In rooms for many persons beds are rented therefore Guests must take into consideration the possiblity of sharing the room with other unknown persons. Rooms are co-educational.

It is possible to check in a room for many persons by 24.00.

  1. Every time you leave the room you are requested to turn off the lights and lock the door. Please, turn off the lights in the bathroom too.
  2. The Lolek Hostel cannot be held responsible for any belongings, valuables and money left in the rooms or on the premises of The Lolek Hostel .



  1. The Lolek Hostel will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of a car or of any vehicle left on the hostel car park. A Guest’s car may stay on the hostel car park during a Guest’s stay in the hostel. It is possible to leave a car longer upon prior arrangement with a receptionist. The car park is unguarded.
  2. A Guest is fully responsible for any damage to objects and equipment which is their fault. A Guest’s should report damage to the hostel reception immediately upon noticing it. The Lolek Hostel reserves the right to check a Guest’s room before they check out.
  3. The hostel staff may enter a Guest’s room in order to clean and check the cleanliness in the room and to check whether Guests comply with the rules.
  4. Due to fire security it is forbidden to use immersion heaters or any similar electric devices which are not part of the room equiment. It is advisable to use electric irons with special caution.
  5. Guests are kindly requested to maintain order and cleanliness in Guests’ rooms and common rooms.

The hostel rooms are cleaned daily between 11.00 and 14.00.

  1. In the case of longer stays the bed linen is changed after 7 days.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to smoke anywhere in the hostel building. It is also forbidden to smoke in the room windows. A Guest smoking in the hostel thereby gives his consent to cover the costs of dearomatization of 500 PLN.
  3. Smoking is only allowed in the car park (exit through the white door).


The hostel can check out a Guest whose behaviour has flouted the abovementioned rules or has broken in any other ways the rules of social coexistence.

The hostel can also check out a Guest who is aggressive and under considerable influence of alcohol. In such a case the money paid is not returned to a Guest.

Lolek Hostel