Lolek Hostel Lublin - Tanie noclegi Lublin - O nas

The tenement house, in which LOLEK hostel is located, has over 140 years of history. The first mention of it dates from 1876, the year in which Karol Rejer bought it from Lublin’s “Economic Fund” for 4187 silver roubles. Over the years, the tenement changed owners passing from hand to hand. A well-known Lublin architect Wladyslaw Sienicki was one of its famous tenants.

We also decided to write another page in the history of the building opening our hostel and offering you affordable accommodation in a pleasant atmosphere and a nice climate. Therefore, we invite you to use the services of LOLEK hostel that offers rooms for 2, 4 and 8 people.

In total, it contains 24 beds with all the comforts that make the customers feel satisfied.

From the old town of Lublin, it takes is only 7 minutes and from the pedestrian street only 5 by foot.

Opposite the hotel there is a grocery store and a small bakery.

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Lolek Hostel